Glass Pool Fencing

A pool fence is an essential safety barrier protecting those you care most about. While safety is the top priority for your pool fence, PSE can design your fence so that it becomes a feature of your pool.

Glass fences achieve two important aspects of pool fencing; they provide the safety needed, and enhance your pool outdoor area. All glass fences created by PSE are custom designed to suit your individual needs. Our highly skilled craftsmen fabricate and install your fence ensuring every aspect of your pool fence is perfect.



We take the time to design a custom stainless steel and glass pool fence that will enhance your enjoyment of your pool. We use only the highest quality materials to create a finish second to none.

Glass pool fencing can be installed in-ground, on concrete, paving or decking, and you have a choice of frameless or semi-frameless designs.

Contact us now about creating a custom pool fence just for you.